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Beach fun near Jacksonville

Beach fun near Jacksonville NC

Beach fun near Jacksonville

The Jacksonville, NC location along the Eastern seaboard places it very close to some wonderful beaches providing outdoor fun in the sun and sand for residents and tourists.

Topsail Island

The closest beach areas to Jacksonville area are on Topsail Island, just a 15-mile drive east of the city. You can expect to drive across one of two bridges to get to the island. It boasts three beaches that appeal to different beach enthusiast interests.

  • North Topsail Beach offers a place to enjoy a park for gatherings, playing volleyball, and searching for sea shells.
  • Surf City is situated in the middle of the island. You will find most of the island’s shops and restaurants at Surf City.
  • The south end of the island provides the place where fisherman will love to flock – the Jolly Roger Pier. In fact, if you love fishing, this beach maintains a fishing report so you have an idea of your prospects as you pursue a catch.

*One fascinating fact about Topsail Island is a legend that surrounds it. Apparently, the famous pirate Blackbeard had a home on Topsail Island for a time, and legend has it that he buried some of his treasure nearby. So, who knows? Someday a visitor to Topsail Island may find that treasure.

Emerald Isle

This North Carolina beach is 32 miles from Jacksonville, a little farther than Topsail Island. It is known for its “lush green forest,” which probably accounts for its name.

Features of Emerald Isle include the following:

  • Bogue Inlet Pier where fishing aficionados can try catching some flounder or pompano.
  • Restaurants serving locally caught seafood daily.
  • Dolphin spotting tours
  • Explore a lighthouse.

Wrightsville Beach/Island

This beach is just an hour’s drive from Jacksonville, and is a popular vacation spot. It is a few miles from a university, so it is a favorite “hanging out” spot for college students.

This beach boasts:

  • Lively bars
  • Several schools offering surfing lessons
  • Scenic tours
  • A popular local jogging trail.

So, whether you have recently moved to the Jacksonville area, or you are just visiting, check out one of these beaches for outdoor fun.

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