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City of Swansboro NC to Reward Community Service

Community Service in Swansboro

City of Swansboro NC to Reward Community Service

The City of Swansboro is now accepting nominations for the Samuel Swann Bland Outstanding Community Service Award. This award, established in 2007, recognizes leadership, hard work, diligence, and dedication for the benefit of the community. The award’s namesake, Sam Bland, is known for his great contributions to the Swansboro community. He is a former superintendent of Hammocks Beach State Park.

This honor is awarded annually to a civic leader, community volunteer or public employee who has been heavily involved in the community.

The Swansboro Board of Commissioners selects an award recipient based on the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Impact
  • Effort
  • Stewardship

Two examples of this award’s recipients are businessmen who won the honor in 2017. They are owners of Through the Looking Glass and The Port o’ Swannsborough Shops. Their businesses have become a part of what is now known as Old Towne Square. The men are credited with supporting many events at an outdoor community event center, the Harry S. Pugliese Jr. Pavilion.

The mayor of Swansboro praised these business partners for their tireless efforts to improve the community’s business environment by hosting events, festivals and fundraisers at the Pavilion. Additionally, they were recognized for reaching out to fellow business owners and encouraging them to get involved with supporting the community.

David Washington, a local volunteer coach for the Swansboro Youth Basketball League was recognized with the Bland award in 2010. Washington had been an Onslow County employee for 26 years when he received the award and had served youth in the basketball league as both a coach and league administrator for 20 years. When the mayor presented him with the award, he acknowledged how much the kids appreciated Washington.

There are so many service contributions that can earn this recognition. So, anyone who wants to nominate a fellow community member based on attributes outlined above can follow this link.  Just print out the form, and submit it to Paula Webb, Assistant Manager/Town Clerk no later than October 31, 2019. For more information about submitting a nomination, call (910) 326-4428.

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