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Construction begins on new Onslow County animal shelter

Better animal well-being

Construction begins on new Onslow County animal shelter

Construction began January 6 (Monday) on a new 6,700-square-foot animal shelter in Onslow County, NC. This new animal shelter building will enable the county to better serve animals in need and the community.

Onslow County Animal Services Director Howard Martin told ABC News Channel 12 that the animal shelter upgrade will support the animal services department in remaining compliant with North Carolina’s standards. Not only that, all the planned facility improvements will provide a healthier environment for the animals. The plan is to increase the number of dog kennels from 57 to 89. Then, in emergency situations, the shelter could house as many as 178 dogs.

Martin said, “Let’s say in one room we have an outbreak of kennel cough. We can shut that room down so other animals aren’t exposed to it. It helps the well-being of the dogs.”

Martin explained that the Onslow County shelter is “no-kill shelter”, so the expansion will not affect the euthanizing of animals.

The shelter recently completed its annual intake for the state, and that came to approximately 4,700 animals. With that in mind, the new shelter is designed to house intake animals.

Martin also said the construction will be split into two phases. The plan is to complete the first phase in November this year. Then the entire project should be completed by April of 2021.

A community member speaks out

Jillian Hill told News Channel 12 that she came to the shelter to adopt a second dog so her Siberian Husky will have a playmate at home. She said that she has heard very favorable reviews for the county animal shelter. So, she hopes that will motivate others to adopt a pet rather than shop for one.

Hill said, “There’s always dogs here.”

“We heard they neuter and spay them before you take them home, and we are taking Tyson home tomorrow,” she added.

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