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Higher Education in Jacksonville, NC

Educational opportunities in Jacksonville NC

Higher Education in Jacksonville, NC

Jacksonville NC offers higher education routes that fit a variety of needs from traditional schooling to trade programs.

In fact, one of the colleges in Jacksonville – the University of Mount Olive – is located near Marine base Camp Lejeune and New River Air Station. This institution provides a very flexible route and an accelerated degree program that encourages adults to go for the degree of their choice. In fact, the University of Mount Olive appeals to active duty and other personnel working on the bases because of its one-night-per-week schedule offering as well as online classes.

Coastal Carolina Community College serves students with diverse goals such as:

Students who plan to earn an Associate’s degree and are planning to transfer to a four-year college. They may be majoring in arts or sciences, etc.

Other diploma or certificate programs are available to students looking to secure employment immedidately upon graduation.

High School students have a pathway available to them through Coastal Carolina in which they can concurrently enroll in high school and some college courses. This can speed up their completion of associate degrees or college diploma and certificate programs so they can transfer to a four-year college sooner than two years or gain skills for entry-level job positions.

North Carolina State University

This school is a public university with research opportunities. According to the school’s website, it is “a powerhouse in science, technology, engineering and math” (STEM). Some of this university’s academic specialties include business, education, agriculture, textiles and natural resources management. Additionally, the school boasts one of the world’s best veterinary medicine programs.

Not only does North Carolina State University offer a superior education, it contributes $6.5 billion to the state’s economy, which is equivalent to creating 90,000 new jobs.

So, no matter what your goal is for pursuing higher education, you will very likely find it in Jacksonville, NC.

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