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Jacksonville Commons Middle School shelters residents

Recovery from Hurrican Dorian

Jacksonville Commons Middle School shelters residents

As Hurricane Dorian roared through Jacksonville NC, Jacksonville Commons Middle School served as a shelter for many residents seeking protection from whatever the storm could dish up throughout the night of June 5 (Thursday). In fact, according to JDNews.com, the middle school ended up housing the most evacuees of any of the designated shelters in Onslow County.

Fortunately, as it hit Jacksonville, Hurricane Dorian was only a Category 1 storm.

Onslow County Public Information Officer Lisa Line told JDNews.com that 143 people took shelter Thursday night at the middle school, along with 58 Onslow County staff members and 36 pets. Most of the staff members were employees at the Onslow County Department of Social services.

Although high winds and heavy rain battered the school building throughout the night, the storm caused little damage, save a few roof leaks in an area that connected hallways. This situation was easily remedied by placing empty trash cans and paint buckets to collect water.

Jeremy Franks, a Charlotte resident who took shelter there, spoke to JDNews about his experience. He said, “I slept good.”

“I woke up a couple of times but went right back to sleep,” he added.

As morning came and the curfew ended at 7 a.m., shelter occupants enjoyed a breakfast of applesauce, doughnuts, water and juice.

JDNews also reported that as authorities assessed storm damages, officials breathed a sigh of relief that damage to public buildings such as schools was minimal. After administrators and maintenance staff inspected the schools, they determined that school could resume Monday.

A few precautions remain.

The Jacksonville city website reported that, as of 8 a.m. June 6, crews were performing damage assessments throughout the city. However, the city asked that residents refrain from going outside to “sightsee.” Instead, they requested that residents allow recovery crews to complete their work.

The city also instructed residents not to touch any downed power lines and not to drive or walk through any high water.

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