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Jacksonville NC hospital receives kudos for patient safety

Patient safety at Onslow Memorial Hospital

Jacksonville NC hospital receives kudos for patient safety

JDNews.com reported Sept. 10 that Onslow Memorial Hospital (OMH), located in Jacksonville NC,  has proudly sent out a press release announcing its recognition with the Healthgrades 2019 Patient Safety Excellence Award.

This award is extremely important for Jacksonville residents who want the assurance that if they need hospital care, they can have the expectation of safety. According to David Contorno, a health coverage broker committed to improving health care quality and cost in the United States, the U.S. contends with a generally low rating in terms of care quality. As such is very important for people to be aware of safety issues such infection rates and readmission rates because of medical errors. However, OMH is one oasis of high-quality care.

The OMH release says that the hospital, which treats approximately 83,000 patients annually, ranked in the top 5% of all the hospitals throughout the U.S. that reported patient safety data. Healthgrades stated that if every hospital in the country performed at the level of its award recipients, they could avoid more than 127,000 serious medical errors compromising patients’ safety and lives.

Criteria on which Healthgrades based its recognition of Onslow Memorial Hospital:

  • Patients are 57% less likely to have catheter-related bloodstream infections contracted in the hospital.
  • A 64.4% less likelihood of acquiring pressure sores or bed sores as part of a hospitalization
  • A 55.9% less likelihood of suffering an accidental puncture, cut, perforation or hemorrhage in the course of receiving medical care
  • Patients at OMH have a 50.9% less chance of suffering a collapsed lung in the course of a surgery or procedure in the chest area.

Healthgrades serves as a significant online resource for information about physicians and hospitals.

Penney Burlingame, OMH president and CEO, provided the following comment in the press release.

“Thanks to employees, medical staff, OMH leadership and Board members for their dedication to providing excellent care for our patients.”

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