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Jacksonville resident’s Daddy Doll giveaway goes viral

Daddy Doll contest goes viral

Jacksonville resident’s Daddy Doll giveaway goes viral

Dyal Studios, a marketing and graphic design company located in Jacksonville NC, made a name for itself recently after announcing a contest giveaway of 12 Hug-A-Hero dolls (also known as Daddy Dolls). These will go to children whose loved ones are on military deployments.  The announcement went viral after being featured on News Channel 12 the week of January 13. Then, within one week, owner Tricia Dyal had received nearly 2,000 entries for her Facebook contest.

Not only that, Dyal did 19 interviews after the surprising response to her contest announcement. One of those interviews was with Fox and Friends.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Dyal said. “I’m excited.”

The Daddy Dolls are a work of the heart because she is a military spouse who has gone through her husband’s deployments. She was inspired to create Daddy Dolls 15 years ago because she wanted her daughter to have a constant sense of her daddy’s presence, even when he was away.

Dyal said:

“It was the first time I had seen Justin (her husband) cry and say, ‘she wouldn’t know who I was had it not been for the doll,’ so the impact the dolls have are much more than just a doll.”

Dyal has received assistance from a fellow Jacksonville businessperson who saw Dyal’s story. The businessperson has donated $5,000 to provide sponsorships to help more children receive the Daddy Dolls and encourages others to join in.

How to join the effort

With all the financing available, Dyal said that she and her team are prepared to produce thousands of these special dolls. She hopes to make them available through non-profit organizations. She also said that there are a variety of ways to support the Daddy Doll program. However, one of the best ways is to sponsor a child.

The cost to send a Daddy Doll to a child is $25. Dyal invites people who want to sponsor a child to sign up online here.

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