New HomeGoods store opens in the shadow of Hurricane Dorian - Christi Hill Team

New HomeGoods store opens in the shadow of Hurricane Dorian

HomeGoods opening in Jacksonville NC

New HomeGoods store opens in the shadow of Hurricane Dorian

Photo credit: Ken Wolter

Jacksonville NC residents may have had to “batten down the hatches” and take cover from Hurricane Dorian Sept. 5 (Thursday). However, it did not dampen their spirits for the Grand Opening of a HomeGoods store in the Westwood Village Shopping Center four days later on Sunday. The store opened bright and early at 8 a.m., satisfying the anticipation of people lined up outside its doors ready to go shopping.

Part of HomeGoods’ ribbon-cutting ceremony involvedĀ  making a donation to a local charity. The store’s management displayed a large check representing its $10,000 donation to the Onslow Women’s Center.

The Onslow Women’s Center provides shelter for women who have suffered domestic abuse. The center’s stated mission is “to provide crisis intervention to victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and to end all forms of interpersonal violence through education and prevention.”

About HomeGoods

HomeGoods describes itself as an “off-price retailer.” Its website says that the store is a place “where you can explore different styles of high quality merchandise, tap into your creativity and experience a value unlike any other.” The store chain makes a point of sending its team of expert buyers all over the world to find fascinating merchandise. These stores offer lots of departments that include gifts, bedding, furniture, decor, seasonal selections and so much more. Additionally, they do not “wall off” these departments so they can expand or contract them based on the merchandise they bring in.

Here’s some principles on which HomeGoods operates:

  • Their buyers purchase different kinds of home merchandise from hot name brands and artisans all around the world.
  • While many retailers only restock their stores with new merchandise styles seasonally, HomeGoods ships in thousands of hot new home fashions several times as week.
  • HomeGoods generally does not engage in standard store gimmicks such as promotions, coupons and sales. Instead they supply “exciting merchandise at amazing prices, every single day!”

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