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Onslow County deputies offer help avoiding scams

Tips for avoiding scams

Onslow County deputies offer help avoiding scams

The internet and our own phones sometimes seem to be a minefield when it comes to being scammed and robbed by bad players. So, Onslow County Sheriff’s deputies decided to put together and communicate some tips to WNCT9 with the goal of helping area residents avoid personal disasters caused by scammers that may reach you by phone or on the Internet.

Deputies provided this list of tricks the bad players use to scam people in ways that can create chaos in people’s lives:

Internal Revenue Service

There are many IRS scams. Here is one.

According to the DARKReading website, fraudsters send emails with malicious links. These emails will point you to a link that resembles the IRS website. The email also contains “details” that appear to be related to one’s IRS account, refund or electronic return. A “one-time password” is provided with the promise of accessing one’s information. If the email recipient enters the password, he or she can unintentionally download malware with the capability of tracking keystrokes that could lead to the theft of passwords to bank accounts and such. The best advice here is that the IRS will NEVER send you an email, so delete all such emails.

Winning sweepstakes

These generally involve online solicitations or calls claiming that you have been entered in a sweepstakes you have never even heard of before.  Also, if a caller tells you he or she has a winning lottery ticket but needs help paying an “upfront fee” to collect it, any lottery ticket that has been purchased will not require a fee to collect winnings.

Jury duty

In this one, you receive a call in which someone introduces himself or herself as an officer from your local police department. The caller will leave a message saying that it is “their duty” to inform you that an arrest warrant has been issued because you supposedly failed to show up for a jury duty summons. The message states that you should call the number they give you to avoid incarceration. You will be told that you must pay a large fine. Hint: The court system does not work like that. You will receive a notice of jury summons through the mail. If you are not sure if you missed a jury summons, don’t return the call. Instead, call your county clerk’s office.

Duke Energy

This is a utility scam. If you receive a call, email or text from someone claiming that you are arrears in payment, your first reaction should be that you want to verify that by contacting the phone number on your bill.

The scams listed above are just a few examples of the frauds that can mess up your life. Other known scams include Social Security, arrest warrants and a relative in trouble.

Onslow Sheriff deputies provide these basic guidelines for protecting yourself.

NEVER give a caller or someone emailing you the following information:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Social Security number
  • Name of your school or workplace
  • Photos
  • Any other personal information

Give that information ONLY to someone you can VERIFY AS TRUSTWORTHY!

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