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Onslow County health care providers ‘rolling with the punches’

Dealing with COVID-19 in Onslow Co.

Onslow County health care providers ‘rolling with the punches’

As the Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in the United States and the rest of the world, emergency departments and urgent care centers in Onslow County are employing new ways to deliver needed medical care.

Jacksonville Children’s Multispecialty Clinic

For starters, Jacksonville Children’s Multispecialty Clinic is taking advantage of technology as staff works to care for ailing patients while keeping everyone else as safe as possible. For instance, doctors and nurses are implementing video chats to evaluate patients initially. This way, staff can decide which patients should be seen in person and which ones can be managed by telemedicine.

Dr. Madhur Mittal of JCMC told WNCT9 News, “We need to be there to take care of patients, right?”

If staff decides that a patient should come into the clinic for further evaluation, there is a system in place. In order to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, staff asks that patients’ parents complete paperwork in their cars. When the paperwork is completed, staff escorts patients to an examining room for their appointment.

The JCMC staff is currently experiencing the challenge of running low on protective masks. They are using a sterilization process while they wait for more to arrive in the coming weeks.

Onslow Memorial Hospital

Likewise, Onslow Memorial Hospital has developed its own system in place to protect patients and health care workers. Here patients coming into the emergency room go through a screening in a yellow tent first.

Marketing and Communications Coordinator Jessie LaBombard explained what happens in these screenings. Hospital staff ask patients a series of questions developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Additionally, incoming patients receive a visitor policy review and temperature check.

Hospital administrators have acknowledged the challenge of preventing people showing Coronavirus symptoms from spending any time in the waiting areas.

Wayne University of North Carolina

Staff members at Wayne University of North Carolina’s Emergency Department have established a triage system outside the hospital facility. They are attempting to treat sick people in their car instead of admitting them to the hospital unless absolutely necessary.

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