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SECU Foundation offering career-oriented scholarships

Vocation-oriented scholarships

SECU Foundation offering career-oriented scholarships

The Foundation for the State Employees’ Credit Union, which serves North Carolina residents, is renewing a special educational program called SECU Bridge to Career program. This program provides scholarships to students interested in vocational education programs that will prepare them for work in today’s workplaces.

According to an article in, the object of the program, which was established in 2018, is to remove financial obstacles for students who want to participate in an educational program that will qualify them to join the workforce. The North Carolina Community College system will use these scholarships to offer the opportunity for North Carolina residents to earn industry-related and state-regulated credentials that can land students rewarding jobs.

North Carolina’s community college system administers the two-tiered Bridge to Career program scholarships. These scholarships are geared to unemployed or underemployed residents with the goal of helping them secure financially sustainable jobs.  One tier includes 37 colleges participating in a group receiving 30 $500 scholarships and $3,000 in program administration funding.

Another 21 community colleges are participating in Workforce Development Scholarships. These colleges will each receive six $500 scholarships to assist people enrolled in short-term job training courses.

The JDNews article quotes SECU Foundation Board Chair Bob Brinson as saying the following:

“Vocational careers and continuing education courses are two key areas of the educational landscape – the SECU Bridge to Career program is tailored to promote these areas and fill the gap. We’re excited about the economic impact this scholarship program can make in the lives of our fellow citizens and our state.”

The Foundation for SECU is chartered to assist in the identification of community issues and address ways to take action regarding those issues. It operates on the philosophy that its collective organization empowers it to alleviate problems in North Carolina communities, neighborhoods and schools. Issues the Foundation addresses include housing, education, health care and other human services.

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