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Swansboro girl competing in the Miss Elementary America Contest

Swansboro girl in Miss Elementary America contest

Swansboro girl competing in the Miss Elementary America Contest

A third-grade girl in Swansboro NC is getting her chance to break into the world of beauty queens as she vies for the title of Miss Elementary America taking place this June in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jasmine Rose Brenenstuhl, who attends Swansboro Elementary School, recently won the title of Miss Elementary North Carolina. That’s not the only beauty title she has won though – she has also been crowned Little Miss Onslow County and Miss Sweetheart Relay for Life of Onslow County.

The Competition

Jasmine will be accompanied by her mother, Sharon Brenenstuhl, and a family friend at the national pageant. She will be competing there with representatives from 49 other states. The Miss Elementary America is a week-long event. Competitions for high school and college-age girls will also be taking place simultaneously.

The pageant week will be chock full of activity that includes runway work, rehearsals and banquets. After that, Jasmine will compete in a two-day event. Then, if she places among the top 10 contestants, she will compete a third day to win the Miss Elementary America title. The girl who wins this title will represent all 50 states.

If she wins, Jasmine will also receive a $5,000 scholarship and modeling contracts.

Part of the competition involves choosing a platform, and Jasmine has chosen bullying as her platform. She is no stranger to this subject because she has experienced it.

More about Jasmine

Jasmine’s participation in competitions do not always center on her personal experiences. She managed to raise $4,000 to support the American Cancer Society when she served as Miss Relay for Life of Onslow County in 2019. Additionally, as Miss Onslow County Elementary, Jasmine raised $1,500 to help those affected by Down’s Syndrome. She raised another $600 to provide assistance to one family affected by Down’s Syndrome at Christmastime.

Sharon Brenenstuhl said that her daughter has participated in pageants since she was 18 months old and loves the competition.

“I don’t know if it’s because she’s been competing since a young age but she absolutely loves a big stage,” Sharon said.

Anyone who is interested in sponsoring Jasmine can call (910) 546-1859.

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