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The “Clean and Green” life in Jacksonville NC

"Clean and Green" program

The “Clean and Green” life in Jacksonville NC

The city of Jacksonville has developed four initiatives, called “Clean and Green”, to ensure that the community is a beautiful and healthy place to live.

Those initiatives include:


The city provides residential and small business customers with containers to fill with recyclable materials that are then collected on the same day their trash is collected.

To maximize recycling efforts and avoid high processing costs, the city is collecting only the following materials:

  • Plastic bottles, jars and tubs (emptied and rinsed)
  • Glass bottles and jars (emptied and rinsed)
  • Paper, flattened cardboard, and cartons (free of food waste).

The city accepts no other materials for recycling. If you place unaccepted materials in recycling bins, you risk not having your bin emptied.

Adopt a Park, Stream, Street or Trail

The “Adopt a Park, Stream, Street, or Trail” program in Jacksonville allows residents to:

  • Adopt one of these public areas as a group
  • Collaborate with the city to find an area to adopt

The minimum expectation for cleaning your adopted area is four times annually for four years. Additionally, the city provides gloves and trash bags for volunteers.

Memorials and Honors

The goal of this program is developing more urban forestry in Jacksonville and supporting local beautification efforts. It offers the opportunity for anyone to donate money to plant a tree, flowers, or place a banner in memory of a loved one. For more detailed information, go to Memorials and Honors Program.

Storm water

When water from storms or melting snow runs off surfaces such as driveways, parking lots and streets, this runoff can create hazardous situations in the city such as flooding, erosion and water quality problems. which can lead to pollution. Jacksonville actively works to address the problems that come with excess runoff.

Additionally, the city directs people of all ages to Sturgeon City Institutes, which just opened a brand new Environmental Education Center. This organization provides educational material about preventing storm water pollution.

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