Zoo in Jacksonville NC offers family fun - Christi Hill Team

Zoo in Jacksonville NC offers family fun

Family Fun at Lynnwood Parl Zoo

Zoo in Jacksonville NC offers family fun

The Lynnwood Park Zoo in Jacksonville NC boasts a collection of more than 50 animal exhibits where adults and children can get acquainted with a variety of animal life, and maybe even enjoy lunch in the zoo’s picnic area alongside a quiet pond.

This zoo, located at 1071 Wells Road, opened in 1990, It is the only facility for displaying animals in the Onslow County/Camp Lejeune area.

Families strolling through the zoo can expect to enjoy a close-up peek at wide variety of animal species.

Here is a sampling of the animal classes and species on display:

  • Mammals – zebra, silver fox, llama, bobcat, Barbary sheep, wallaby
  • Reptiles – king snakes, eastern box turtles, Burmese python,  corn snakes, American alligator (*Note – the reptiles are not exhibited during the cold winter months.)
  • Birds – Parakeets, turkey, Screech owl, emu, turkey vulture. White peacock

The zoo’s regular open days are Friday through Monday from 10 a.m. through 5 p.m. However, if you can pull together a group of 20 or more, Lynnwood Zoo staff is happy to take your group on a tour. These tours are available by scheduled appointment on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. If you want to schedule a tour, call (910) 938-5848.

Prices are:

  • Adults – $10
  • Children  (2 thru 12 years of age)
  • If you or your children would like to feed some of the animals, you can purchase animal feed for $2 per bag.

Please be prepared to pay with cash or checks only. The zoo does not accept debit or credit cards.

Bring these items with you to make your zoo day as enjoyable as possible.

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Bug spray to avoid being eaten alive by mosquitoes
  • Umbrellas for rainy days
  • Drinks or snacks (or you may want to pack a picnic lunch)

So, if you’re new to Jacksonville NC or you’re coming through with thoughts about moving here, bring the family to Lynnwood Park Zoo for a day with the animals.

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